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Anneke Olthof

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Social Influence Conformity • Adjusting our behaviour or thinking to fit in with a group standard • The power of conformity has many components and forms ➡ Normative and informational social influence ➡ Social norms affecting our thinking ➡ Automatic mimicry affect our behaviour • Mimicry ➡ It is not only true that birds of a feather flock together ➡ It is also true that if we flock together, we mitt choose to wear the same feathers • Automatic Mimicry ➡ Some of our mimicry of other people is not by choice, but automatic •Contagious yawning, arm folding, face rubbing Adopting regional accents • •Empathetic shifts in mood that fit the moods of the people around us • Ash Conformity Studies: ➡ About one third of people will agree with obvious mistruths to go along with the group • You are more likely to conform when: ➡ You are not firmly committed to one set of beliefs or style of behaviour ➡ The group is medium sized and unanimous You feel positive toward the group ➡ ➡ The group tries to make you feel incompetent, insecure, and closely watched ➡ Your culture encourages respect for norms • Two types of social influence ➡ Normative Social Influence •Going along with others in pursuit of social approval or belonging ➡ Informational Social Influence •Going along with others because their ideas and behaviour make sense •The evidence in our social environment changes our minds Obedience • Adjustment of individual behaviours, attitudes
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