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PSYC 1000
Anneke Olthof

Memory as Information Processing •Memory ➡ Processes that allow us to record and retrieve experiences and information •Three behaviours show that memory is functioning: ➡ Recall • Retrieve previously stored information ➡ Recognition •Identify which stimulus, out of a bunch of choices, matches your stored information ➡ Relearning •Compare rates of learning information on successive occasions to the first occasion •Three basic processes ➡ Encoding •Getting information in by translating it into a neural code that your brain can process Storage ➡ •Retaining the information over time ➡ Retrieval •Getting information back out of storage when we want to use it •Atkinson-Shiffrin Model ➡ More in STM than rehearsal, so now called Working Memory •Stores information, actively processes it, supports problem solving and planning Automatic Processing ➡ •When some information goes straight from sensory experience to LTM •Sensory memory ➡ Information picked up by our senses •Short-term/Working memory ➡ Temporarily holds limited amount of information ➡ Also integrates information from LTM with new incoming information from sensory memory ➡ Shelf-life of 20 seconds for information ➡ Rapidly lost unless we actively do something with it •Long-term memory
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