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PSYC 1000
Anneke Olthof

Perception in Action The Active Process of Perception • Two different types of processing to turn sensory information into perceptual ➡ Top-down Processing •Using models, ideas, and expectations to interpret sensory information •Is that something I've seen before? •Examples: Loch Ness monster or a tree branch ➡ Bottom-up Processing •Taking sensory information and then assembling and integrating i •What am I seeing? Perceptual Organization • Figure-ground Simplest form of organization ➡ ➡ We pick out objects and figures standing against a background ➡ Figure-ground distinction can be ambiguous ➡ Ambiguity between figure and ground is the idea behind camouflage • Gestalt Principles ➡ Similarity: Similar items belong together ➡ Proximity: Elements that are close together belong together Closure: Close open edges; perceives boundaries ➡ ➡ Continuity: Elements linked to form continuous line • Perceptual Constancies ➡ Refers to our ability to see objects as appearing the same even under different lighting conditions, at different distances and angles ➡ This is a top-down process • C
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