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PSYC 1000
Dan Meegan

October 22, 2012 Module 28 & 29: Language & Intelligence Module 28: - Language Development - Brain & Language - Thinking & Language Language Development - we acquire the use of 10 new words per day (on average) between ages 2 and 18 - children learn the basic grammar of language before they can add 2+2 - most kids can recall words and meanings, and assemble words into sentences, while simultaneously following social rules for speaking and listening Language Stages - 0-4 months - receptive language – associating sounds with facial movements, and recognizing when sounds are broken into words - 4 months – productive language – babbling in multilingual sounds and gestures - 10 months – babbling sounds more like parents’ language - 12 months – one-word stage – understanding and beginning to say many nouns - 18-24 months – two word stage – adding verbs, and making sentences but missing words - 24+ months – speaking full sentences and understand complex sentences Explaining Language Acquisition: Nature/Nurture - The Role of Genes o we seems to have an inborn (genetic) talent for acquiring language, though no particular kind of language is in the genes - The Role of Experience o we also seem to have a “statistical” pattern recognition talent o infants quickly recognize patterns in syllable frequency and sequence, preparing them to
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