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November 12, 2012 Module 42: Personality II: traits & social influences Personality Theories o however, everyone in adulthood - psychodynamic becomes: o nurture  more conscientious and o dynamic agreeable - trait  less extraverted, o nature neurotic/unstable, and less o stable open o predictive values: can we use these Trait Theories traits to predict behavior?  levels - trait: a characteristic pattern of behavior or of success in work and relationships a disposition to feel and act relates to traits. - conscious (vs. unconscious) motives o heritability: are traits learned or o self-report (vs. psychoanalysis) genetic?  in general, genes - describing (vs. explaining) behavior account for 50% of the variation for most traits Trait Assessment - an inventory of items for which people Change vs. Consistency: Shifts with Age make self-assessments - over years of development, we change - factor analysis used to determine which
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