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PSYC 1000
Dan Meegan

November 14, 2012 Module 43 & 44: Social Psychology I: social thinking & social influence What we’re covering today… Cognitive Dissonance - inconsistency causes tension (dissonance) Social Psychology o eg. health-concerned person who smokes - how we think about, influence, and relate to - driven to reduce dissonance one another - emphasis on situation rather than person o quit smoking, or o how the same person can act o deny how unhealthy smoking is, or o rationalize smoking (benefits differently in different situations outweigh costs) o how different people can act the same in the same situation Dissonance & Self-judgments Social Thinking - when we act in a way that is inconsistent - how do we judge the actions of others and with our identity, rationalization presents us from reassessing our identity ourselves? Attitude & Action Relationship - what is the relationship between attitudes and actions? - attitude  action Social Judgments o not surprising, given our definition of attitude - fundamental attribution error o however, it is a lot easier to have an - cognitive dissonance attitude than it is to act upon it o we may have an attitude about
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