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PSYC 1000
Dan Meegan

September 19, 2012 Module 4 – Brain and Behavior - Building blocks of the mind: neurons and how they communicate (neurotransmitters) - Systems that build the mind: functions of parts of the nervous system - Supporting player: the slower=communicating Endocrine system (hormones) Phrenology - Developed by Franz Gall in the early 1800s - The study of bumps on the skull and their relationship to mental abilities and character traits - The theory no longer exists - Phrenology yielded one big idea – that the brain might have different areas that do different things (localization function) Biological Psychology - Includes neuroscience, behavior genetics, neuropsychology, and evolutionary psychology - What are the consequences of brain damage - How the nature of mind and behavior is rooted to our biological heritage Neurons - Basic unit of the brain - Electrical and chemical activity is the basis of all motion, thoughts and feelings - Cell body with nucleus, energy coming through dendrites - Signal goes from cell body to axon, to end of axon, to send another signal to a neurotransmitter - Neurotransmitter leaves end of axon, binding to dendrites on another neuron - Neurons basic job is to conduct electrical and chemical information using charged ions - When chemical input is put through from on axon to a dendrite, the neuron fires because there is enough energy, called an action potential - Myelin sheath coats the axon which keeps it conducted allowing for no energy to escape - Point when an axon and dendrite meet are called the synapse - When info comes down axon, binds to dendrite of next neuron, which goes to different receptors (lock and key), when key has opened the
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