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University of Guelph
PSYC 1000
Dan Meegan

October 29, 2012 Module 11: Behavior Genetics & Evolutionary Psychology Behavior Genetics - individual differences o due to genetic differences - mutations not differentially affected by natural selection - there are subtle differences between all humans - there is genetic variation Evolutionary Psychology - universal commonalities o due to genetic similarities - mutations that conferred a reproductive advantage to all - some mutations can cause advantages and/or disadvantages Behavior Genetics Terminology - genotype – genes - phenotype – observable characterises that are the outcome of your genes - chromosomes – 23 pairs total o autosomes – 22 pairs, same in M and F o sex – 1 pair (XX or XY) - genes – paired one from each parent o dominant – one gene sufficient o recessive – one gene necessary Genes & Behavior - one approach: o identify a specific behavioral abnormality o look for a corresponding genotypic abnormality o example – the KE family The KE Family - English family – half suffer from a speech and language disorder - KE phenotype – compare affected and unaffected o speech  repetition  why non-words?  affected KE adults learned to compensate by memorizing words October 29, 2012  non-words have not been memorized o orofacial motor control o -  o
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