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Dan Meegan

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November 5, 2012 Module 13 & 14 – Development through childhood Developmental Psychology - examines physical, cognitive and social development across the life span Major Issues - nature/nurture - continuity/stages o some aspects of development are gradual and continuous o other aspects change abruptly in stages - stability/change o what traits persist across life? o what changes as we age? Stages - extreme view: psychological development occurs in a series of abrupt, age-linked stages o analogy: caterpillar  butterfly o like physical development: crawl  walk - modest view: o serial: development tends to happen in order  eg, reading can’t happen until letter-sound correspondence is understood o age linked: flexible and experience dependent  eg. reading age depends on when taught letter-sound correspondence o abrupt  old mistakes might still happen, but with much less frequency Piaget: Cognitive development - children make mistakes - mistakes are age-dependent - mistakes t
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