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PSYC 1000
Dan Meegan

October 31, 2012 Module 12: Nurture – culture, gender and other environmental influences Diverse Experience and Its Impact - how does experience shape who we are? - experience and brain development - the role of parents and peers in development - cultural influences on development o behavior, identity, child rearing - gender development o biology, roles, socialization/child rearing Nature/Nurture – from genes to the role of environment - how environment/experience affects brain development - forces guiding the course of development o parents o peers o culture - our environment gives us our experiences Experience and Brain Development - rats living in an “enriched” environment (more social interaction and physical play) - experiences a greater growth in brain size and complexity Brain Development Means Growth AND Pruning - to make our well-used brain pathways, work better - the unused connections are “pruned away” - this means that if certain abilities are not used, they will fade away Impact of Experience/Future on Brain Development - repeated practice at a finger-tapping task begins to activate a larger group of motor neurons Parent vs. Peers - parents have more influence on… o cooperation
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