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PSYC 1000
Dan Meegan

November 7, 2012 Module 40: Personality I: psychodynamic theories Personality Dynamic interaction of 3 systems - an individual’s characteristic pattern of thinking, - ego feeling and acting o largely conscious - focus: what makes us unique rather than hast o develops throughout childhood we all have in common o reality principle: managing the id’s drive for pleasure, given real-world Personality Theories constraints - psychodynamic - superego o nurture o largely conscious o dynamic o develops later and guided by cultural - trait norms o nature o conscience: how we ought to behave o stable - id o unconscious Psychodynamic Theories o nature: biological drives to seek - personality is a dynamic interaction between pleasure and act aggressively opposing influences o pleasure principle: immediate gratification Psychoanalysis - Sigmund Freud – what he used Personality Differences - both a theory of personality and a theory of - due to differences in the way the three systems psychopathology (and its treatment) interact - theory developed by studying cases of pathology Personality Development - can “normal” be understood by studying - Id: innate, biological drives, we’re born with “abnormal”? - Ego: from birth through adolescence - we will revisit psychodynami
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