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PSYC 1000
Dan Meegan

PSYC*1000 video documentary – Week 7 Topic: Stress & Health National Geographic Stress: Portrait of a Killer (aka Killer Stress) Aired on PBS in 2008 Companion website: Segments: 1. Social status & health • Why are baboons in their natural environment a good model for the effects of stress on humans in modern society? Since baboons only spend 3 hours of their day gathering food, the rest of the day they are often stressing each other out. There stress is a result from philological and social situations. • What are the two primary hormones of the stress response system? From what gland are both types secreted? Adrenalline a form of epinepherine, and glucacortical from adrenal gland. • What is the function of the stress response system? In animals it helps keep them alives. Humans turn on this stress response system as animals for no philological reason and don’t know how to turn it off. • For both baboons and humans, what is the relationship between position in the social hierarchy and stress levels? The most cunning aggressive males are the top of the hierarchy. Their rank determined their stress level present in the body. Those at the bottom with high stress levels, had high blood pressure and immune and reproductive system doesn’t work as well, brain chemistry is like brains in clinically depressed humans. In humans, jobs with hierachies often have the same effect on humans. Those with little seniority in their job, receive high work loads and as a result have high stress levels. Their bosses (higher heirachies) often push their stress onto the people that are lower than them, like found in baboons. The lower in the heirachy had higher risks of high blood pressure, risk of disease and length of life. • What were Sapolsky’s two fundamental discoveries about the effect of status on stress hormones and health? The more stress you have the more you are prone to disease and health problems. PSYC*1000 video documentary – Week 7 Topic: Stress & Health • In the Whitehall study, what confounding factor was ruled out that could have explained the superior health of higher status employees? Doctors 2. Stress & ulcers: • What is the current scientific consensus on the role of stress in ulcers? Ulcer causing bacteria in 2/3 of people, only a few people developed ulcers. Stress, immune system shuts down and stomach no longer fights the bacteria. 3. Stress & cardiovascular health: • What are the short term effects of circulating stress hormones on the cardiovascular system? Pounding heart, increased blood pressure. • What is the causal chain by which stress leads to atherosclerosis? Stress damages artery walls, allowing
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