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University of Guelph
PSYC 1000
Benjamin Giguere

Sensation and Perception (part 1) Midterm:All material covered in class and the text book up to and including Feb 10 th You must have HB pencils, eraser and Student ID Card Today Sensation: It is basically something that’s coming to you. e.g.: waves coming towards your eyes, sounds to your ears, feel of touch etc. Perception: The brain makes sense out of the input from sensory organs • Top-down processing: Q) Is that something you have seen before?A) Yes • We have predetermined sense of elements in our brain Reception: Information is coming in Transduction: Information should be converted Transmission: Transforming the information • Our receptors are not very good. We physically see very little going on this world. There are lot of things going on. • Absolute threshold is the minimum level of stimulus intensity needed to detect a stimulus half the time. • Signal detection theory basically argues the ability to detect the stimuli when it is strongly influenced by other stimuli • The application of sensation and perception takes a completely different meaning • Air traffic controller was the most difficult job in the world in
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