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Benjamin Giguere

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Developmental Psychology (Part 1) • The aggression in the aggressive children scolded by the teacher continues to increase • There is no link between beauty and genes. It is connected with IQ. • Genetic evolutions takes a lot of time to change  Abiopsychosocial approach • Social norms about performance increases a lot on stress • If it is biological, you look for treatment in types of drugs or in a physiological way • If it is social, you should change the social conditions • If it is psychological, you cannot do anything  Marilyn Manson  Maturation: • During the brain development, every minute you get 700,000 new connections in our brain  Cognition: • Jean Piaget was fascinated by the cute mistakes kids make • He came up with a notion of schema • Maturation and nature mostly go on the same line • During preoperational stage in children, they do not really understand logic behind thin
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