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University of Guelph
PSYC 1000
Benjamin Giguere

1. What are the older brain structures? • Taking air in and taking air out, good circulation are important to survive. • If you insert an electrode into a cat, it will never sleep due to reticular formation • Reticular formation helps in selecting the information required from lots of information entering the brain • You cannot create very strong associations with smell • Thalamus helps the internal parts of the brain to talk with each other • We need cerebellum to accomplish smooth, careful movements • Cerebellum is associated in quick, small associations e.g.: when you touch a hot vessel, you remove your hand instantly due to the quick responses of the cerebellum Limbic system:  Hipppocampus: • Hippocampus deals with memory • It is the only place in the brain where the connections are regenerated  Hypothalamus: • Hypothalamus deals with the basic functions of the body • It also deals with the body temperatures Cerebral cortex: • Outside portion of the brain is cortex • If you lay out the brain, it will occupy around 2 sq.m-3 sq.m • Grey matter is grey becau
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