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PSYC 1000
Harvey Marmurek

Module 43 Social Thinking1 Attributiona conclusion about the cause of an observed behaviorevent 2 Attribution Theorytwo types of attributions a Situational Attributionfactors outside the person doing the action such as peer pressure b Dispositional Attribution the persons stable enduring traits personality ability emotions 3 When we explain our OWN behavior we partly reverse the fundamental attribution error we tend to blame the situation for our failures although we take personal credit for successes a This happens not just out of selfishness it happens whenever we take the perspective of the actor in a situation which is easiest to do for people and ourselves we know well 4 People in collectivist cultures those which emphasize group unity allegiance and purpose over the wishes of the individual do not make the same kinds of attributions aThe behavior of others is attributed more to the situation alsobCredit for successes is given more to others cBlame for failures is taken on oneself 5 Attitude Feelings ideas and beliefs that affect how we approach and react to other peop
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