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Lecture 13

PSYC 1000 Lecture 13: Psych lecture 13 - oct 27.docx

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PSYC 1000
Paula Barata

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Psych Lecture 13
Psychology of hunger
oSights and smells of food
oVariety of food
oTime of day (time since last meal)
oStress and mood
oFood unit size
Weight Control
Naturally through energy homeostasis we maintain our set point.
Less of a set point and more of a settling point
oDifficult to change, but does
oDrop below set point and metabolism slows down
Surprise role of fidgeting
Society and Weight
Eating disorders
Environmental influences
oFood availability and consumptions
oActivity levels
Stress and Health
Stress: the process of appraising and responding to a threat or challenge
When demands on our time and resources are perceived to be greater than what we
have available
Stressors: events or situations that are perceived as harmful, threatening, or challenging
and thus trigger stress response.
oSignificant life changes or events
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