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Lecture 17

PSYC 1000 Lecture 17: psych lecture 17 - nov 12.docx

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PSYC 1000
Paula Barata

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Psych Lecture 17 – Nov 12
Abnormal Behaviour
Distinguishing normal from abnormal behaviour
oMust examine content and context
A continuum of emotions and behaviour
oLength of time, intensity of emotion; impact
Labeling Behaviour as Abnormal
What does the behaviour look like?
oUnconventionality and statistical rarity (deviance)
Violation or moral and ideal standards
oWhat is the outcome?
Length + intensity
Maladaptive (dysfunction)
Observer discomfort
The Need to Classify Abnormal Behaviour
Psychological disorder = “clinically significant disturbance in an individual’s cognition,
emotion regulation, or behaviour”
Need for a common shorthand
Understanding the cause of the symptoms
oE.g symptom of grandiosity
Direction for treatment
Disorders: DSM
Medical model
DSM-5 (may 2013)
DSM – IV (DSM-IV-TR 2000)
oDiagnostic statistical manual of mental disorders (TR= text revised)
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