PSYC 1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Psychological Science, Pseudoscience, Falsifiability

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18 Feb 2016
Module 1.1 Notes:
- Cyber emotional intelligence-> Examines the assumptions we make about
people based on their online personalities.
- "Pop" psychology-> Scores of "self-help gurus" in books, on tv, etc…
- Psychology can be considered as a collection of disciplines composed of
many overlapping 'elds of study.
Psychological Science:
1.) Studying behaviour (ex. Emotions)
2.) Scienti'c method is employed
- Psychology-> Scienti'c study of behaviour, thought, and experience, and
how they can be a+ected by physical, mental, and social factor.
- Scienti'c method-> A way of learning about the world through collecting
observations, developing theories on how to explain them, and using the theories to
make predictions.
- Hypothesis-> A testable prediction about processes that can be observed
and measured.
○ Must be supported or rejected but it CANNOT be proved!
○ Pseudoscience- An idea that is presented as science but does not
actually utilize basic principles of scienti'c thinking or procedure.
- Theory-> An explanation for a broad range of observations that also
generates new hypotheses and integrates numerous 'ndings into a coherent whole.
○ Theories are built by hypotheses that are continuously tested and
○ Any scienti'c theory must be found falsi'able (can be found too)… if
it can be proved, it can be disproved.
- Issues with theories->
○ Issues are not the same as ideas or beliefs.
○ All theories are not equally plausible (some are good, some are
○ A measure of a good theory is not the number of people who believe
in it o be true.
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