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Class #2 January 12

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PSYC 1010
Anne Bergen

January 12 Scales of Measurement Nominal Ordinal Interval Ratio Nominal Scale Categories with different names Ex gender religious affiliation Qualitative not quantitative differences between categories no information on order of magnitude of categoriesOrdinal ScaleCategories ranked by size or magnitude Ex Social class intellectual sophisticationKnow orderrank of objects but no information about size of intervals between ranksInterval Scale Ordered categories with intervals of equal sizeNo rational or absolute zero point Ex Celsius temperature scale IQ scoresRatio ScalesOrdered categories with intervals of equal size and absolute zero point Ex Kelvin temperature scale ageCan form meaningful ratios Scales of MeasurementAre these nominal ordinal ratio or intervalSurvey Itemsy Age R y Gender N y Occupation N y anxiety level I y level of educationCan be R or O y income Can be R or O y number of childrenR y height Can be R or O y weight Can be R or O y hair colourNUnderstanding Relationships Between Variables Correlational MethodObserve two variables for each individual to determine whether there is a relationship between them ie whether the variables change together Experimental and NonExperimental MethodsComparing two or more groups of scores to find differences between the groups
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