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University of Guelph
PSYC 1010
Anne Bergen

Chapter 1 Introduction to StatisticsLearning Objectives1You will be able to define key statistical measurement and research terms2You will be able to explain how descriptive and inferential statistics fit into the process of research3You will be able to read and learn the statistical notation that will be used through the rest of the course particularly summation notationStatisticsThe practice of analyzing numerical dataA set of mathematical procedures to organize summarize and interpret informationPopulations and SamplesPopulation The set ofall individuals of interest in a particular studySample A set of individuals selected from a population of participation in a studyParameter A usually numerical value that describes a populationStatistic A usually numerical value that describes a sampleDescriptive StatisticsTechniques that describe organize and summarize a set of dataEg distribution of examination scoresResults in tables graphs or single numbers that consolidate a large amount of informationAny average for example is a descriptive statisticEg average daily rainfall average daily temperature batting averages test averagesInferential StatisticsTechniques that use sample data to draw general conclusions about populations Measuring everyone in the population is usually impossibleUse sample statistics to infer what the population parameter is likely to beSampling ErrorSampling error is the discrepancy between a sample statistic and a population parameter
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