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University of Guelph
PSYC 1010
Anne Bergen

Quantification in PsychologyChapter 2IntroductionDescriptive statistics are a way of summarizing and organizing dataThere are three ways we can summarize data1 Tabular representation of data2 Graphical representation of data3 Numerical representations of dataTabular RepresentationsSummarize data by making tablesIn statistics we call these tables frequency distributions1Simple Frequency Distribution2Grouped Frequency DistributionFrequency Distribution TableFrequency f distribution tableA simple summary of a set of data showing the frequency of each value of a variableA frequency distribution not only summarizes the score but shows the entire set of scoresSimple Frequency Distribution TableXF0514243544536271How many students did not go out to see a movie in 2007 5How many went to the movies 6 times 2What is the most frequent score 3 and 0What is the highest number of visits 7What was the lowest 0Note that when the data is recorded in whole numbers the total number of rows needed in our table is Highest valuelowest value1Frequency DistributionXF051424354453
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