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28 Jan 2013
Eric Erickson (created the Sony Ericsson: P)
His stages for people extend through a lifespan
Emphasized on identity
Epigenetic Principle:
personality formation is a set of sequence of predetermined developmental
each stage is encountered at proper times during one’s lifespan and
regardless of failing or succeeding in that stage, the person must move on to
the next stage (can’t always succeed in every stage)
8 stages: each stage has optimal time, thus, we can’t speed or slow the
process down.
Fidelity: ability to live by society’s rules and standards no matter how flawed;
Achievement (Pathmakers)
“A person’s faith is unique to each individual. I’ve considered and
reconsidered it myself and know what I can believe.” (religion)
“I’ve thought my political beliefs through and realize I may or may not agree
with many of my parents’ beliefs.” (politics)
“It took me a long time to decide but now I know for sure what direction to
move in for a career.” (career)
Moratorium (Searchers)
“I’m not so sure what religion means to me. I’d like to make up my mind but
I’m not done looking yet.” (religion)
“I’m not sure about my political beliefs, but I’m trying to figure out what I can
truly believe in.” (politics)
“I just can’t decide what to do for an occupation. There are so many
possibilities.” (career)
Foreclosure (Guardians)
“I attend the same church as my family has always attended. I’ve never
really questioned why.” (religion)
“I guess I’m pretty much like my folks when it comes to politics. I follow what
they do in terms of voting and such.” (politics)
“My parents had it decided a long time ago what I should go into and I’m
following their plans.” (career)
Diffusion (Drifters)
“I don’t give religion much thought and it doesn’t bother me one way or the
other.” (religion)
“I haven’t really considered politics. They just don’t excite me much.”
“I’m sure it will be pretty easy for me to change my occupational goals when
something better comes along.” (career)
Identity Status Classification
Identity Achievement Moratorium for Closure and Diffusion
oExploring + commitments = achieving identity.
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