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PSYC 2040
David Stanley

David Always study from the colour slides. Black and white slides don't display formulas SLG • Elise • Tuesday 10-1, lib 200B • First session January 14th Determine required analysis Obtain descriptive statistics Test assumptions Conduct primary analysis Communicate findings • Following the same series of steps each week Communicate Findings • APA format used in this course • Publication Manual of the American Psychology Association, 6th Edition is used A Tip • Paragraphs describe the graph • Graph is a picture, and you're writing text to describe the picture Course Outline • Sources of info o Gardner and Tremblay text o APA 6 style manual o Slides on Courselink o SPSS in LAB and in Library (software used for analyses) • Not the best, but easiest to use • Minor assigments, 0 or 100, finish them or don't Don't read before lecture Go back after lecture and read the textbook Pays off in the multiple choice section of the final To PASS the course • Attend lectures ALWAYS • Read the Textbook • Try the weekly lab assignments before lab • Attend labs with questions • Attend office hours The mean is a good way to summarize a lot of data Describing the population • We would like to be able to describe the population using the population mean • Want to make a conclusion about the entire population • Not asking everyone, so you take a random sample of 5 or 10, making a conclusion about entire class based on the small group of students Estimating Means in Industry • Can labeled as having 355ml of Coke, so by law there needs to be that much Coke in that can • If there are 350ml, false advertising! Example 2: Market Research • Nielson Media Research • Conclusion Population: 98 million American viewers • Sample: 5000 American viewers • Monitors who's in front of TV, what channel you're watching, how long you're watching it for • Then they can determine how popular it is and determine advertising prices Determine which types (and combos) of ingredients people prefer on their pizza • Conclusion population: 30 million Canadians • Sample: a subset of Canadians • Decide which combos of ingredients go well with each other Example 3: Decennial Census • Ask everyone Example 4: Accounting Data • Random sample Example 5: Supplier Acceptance Sampling • Potato chips • Certain range of size • Randomly sample potatoes, get average size and variability of potatoes, if the random sample doesn't confo
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