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Saba Safdar

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Prejudice & Discrimination PATHS TO DISCRIMINATION Triangle of stereotype (belief), prejudice (negative feeling), & discrimination (behaviour) - “Prejudice is a negative attitude toward a socially defined group & toward any person percieved to be a member of that group” (intergroup phenomenon) Controversy in Prejudice Literature - Survey studies - Rely on verbal report; you are less likely to express your true beliefs about other groups, so not reliable (more likely to represent yourself as better than you are) - Prejudice is declining - Covert measure studies - Rely on non-verbal & indirect measures (observe how groups interact) - Implicit Association Test (measure this) - Prejudice is still dominant force in intergroup relations Theories of the Origins of Prejudice - Inherent human potential for prejudice - Ingroup favouritism; we naturally tend to like those who are ‘like’ us - However, we don’t dislike all outgroups that same amount - Intergroup dynamics - Realistic conflict theory; when groups come into contact, they compete for real resources (which are usually limited) – not imagined - Relative deprivation; the idea that you’re losing something INTERGROUP CONFLICT - Robbers Cave study (Sherif et al. 1961)  11 year old boys at Robber’s Cave state park Phase One: Creating Ingroups - Two groups were created: rattles & eagles (created identity) - Categorization led to ingroup favouritism Phase Two: Intergroup Competition - Categorization plus competition led to conflict - Started raiding each other’s cabins & burning each other’s flags Phase Three: Intergroup Cooperation - In order to eat, you have to cooperate with the other group - Shared superordinate goal led to cooperation (the truck that brings food is stuck & you must all work together to push the tr
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