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Psych 2310 – Prejudice and Discrimination – Nov 19 2013.docx

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PSYC 2310
Saba Safdar

Psych 2310 – Prejudice and Discrimination – Nov 19 2013  Paths to discrimination o Stereotype  Discrimination o Prejudice (feeling associated with another group)  Discrimination o Discrimination (behavior towards a group based on the above)  Definition o Prejudice is a NEGATIVE ATTITUDE toward a SOCIALLY DEFINED GROUP and toward any person perceived to be a member of that group o When we talk about prejudice we talk about a negative perspective  Therefore it is bad and unfair  Controversy in Prejudice Literature o Survey studies  We rely on what people tell us/verbal report  People are more likely to present their beliefs better than what they actually are  A lot of findings say that based on these reports, prejudice is declining  If you want to see how groups interact with other groups, test them based on observing their interactions not on their verbal reports o Covert measure studies  Rely on non verbal and indirect measure  Implicit association test  Prejudice is still a dominant force in intergroup relations  Which measure should be trusted?  If your interested in behavior observe what they do not what they say  Theories of the origins of prejudice o Inherent human potential for prejudice  In-group favoritism  We dislike some out-groups more than others o Intergroup dynamics  Realistic conflict theory  Lack of jobs – people compete for jobs o We dislike people who take those jobs from us  Relative deprivation  Intergroup conflict o Robbers cave study  Participants: 11 year old boys  Location: Robber’s cave state park, Oklahoma  They were told they were going to summer camp for 3 weeks  3 PHASES  1. Creating in-groups o 2 groups were created: Rattlers and Eagles o Categorization led to in-group favoritism  2. Intergroup competition
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