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PSYC 2310
Saba Safdar

Group Behavior  What is a group? o A group exists when 2 or more people define themselves as members of it and when its existence is recognized by at least one other  Group Elements o Some central elements in conceptualization of a group  Common goal  Social Structure  Families have expectations for their kids and stuff  Face to face interaction  Self Categorization  Basic Group Processes o Individualist  There is nothing more to a group than the people who comprise it o Collectivist  There is something more to a group than just the people who compromise it  Such as shared beliefs, you may engage in some behavior in a group that you wouldn’t when you’re alone  Group structure o Norms  Norms are ways of specifying what are acceptable or unacceptable attitudes and behaviors of group members  Central vs general norms  Clothing is considered a general norm  Functions of Norm o For the individuals: norms are frame of reference to interpret the world, provides predictability, and useful in novel situations o For group: norms serves as social regulation that helps the group run smoothly and enhance group identity  Group socialization o Three process of group socialization  Evaluation  Commitment 
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