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University of Guelph
PSYC 2310
Saba Safdar

Psych 2310 11212013 31300 PM Man isby nature a social animal AristotleWe need other people to survive When people engage in certain behavior we try and make sense of their behavior How do we influence each others behavior Social psychology is the study of Social thinking Social influence Social relatednessHow people interact Study of conflict and harmony Our life is connected to other humans by thousands of threads What we do is to try and understand these connectionsThe scientific study of the way in which a persons thoughts feelings and behaviors are influence by the real or imagined presence of other people We study general behavioursA field must adopt a set of values and methods to be considered a scientific field Three of these fields include Accuracy ObjectivitySkepticism Scientific method is a systematic observation description and measurement thThe scientific study of social psychology developed at the end of the 19 century Norman Triplet was one of the pioneers Other people creates positivityFloyd allport wroteAllportstudied prejudice establishment of the society for the psychologics SherifStudy of social issues experimental research on social influenceLewinAction research research can be appliedAschConformity Nature of Self 11212013 31300 PM Know thyselfSolon Know who you are Who are you Self concept or self knowledge Me Self awareness I am aware I can improveThree features of self Baumeister Includes the body Includes social identity Self is the active agent You make decisions for yourselfFunctions of Selfhood Self is an interpersonal toolSelf makes choices Self regulationSelf knowledge Self comparisonFeedback from othersSelf as a blank selfPerceived Selfknowledge Self knowledge is obtained from others but it is heavily filtered through biases from othersPoliteness of others Culture Is it possible to have accurate understanding of self knowledge Autobiographic writers Self knowledge is the most complete form of knowledge availableNo psychotherapists Chapter 3
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