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Saba Safdar

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Altruism About 23 million of Canadians above age 15 give financial help to charitable organizations 84 of us Canadians volunteer 21 billion hours per year Questions of Motives Why do we act to benefit others oWe care about the welfare of others altruism motivationwe want to benefit others we can rarely find altruistic behavior oWe care about ourselves egoistic motivationwe help others because we want to help ourselves based on an evolutionary perspective A Look at HistoryThere is strong assumption in psychology of universal egoism oWe help others because we want at the end to help ourselves oThis the majority view in economics political science and philosophy oFew altruistic behavior exists oGreek philosopher Epictetusanimal is attached to nothing more than there own interests the animal in us would decline to selfishness wherever there is a choice of a you and I we see ourselves as being more important 38 Witnesses Silent Witness
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