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University of Guelph
PSYC 2310
Saba Safdar

The Self in the Social WorldWe are independent but our physical and psychological wellbeing depends on our interactions with others The Nature of Self Know thyselfoSolon the Greek thinker Who are you oBased on selfconcept or selfknowledgeWhat do you know about yourself ex I am an extrovert things that are associated with who you areoAnother aspect of self is selfawareness The I and the Knower Definitions Three features of self Baumeister oSelf includes the body oSelf includes the social identityGroup membershipoSelf is the active agentit makes decisions based on goals you make decisions for yourself selfregulates Functions of Selfhood Self is an interpersonal tool oWithout a sense of self you cannot develop and maintain relationships the interaction would lack continuity Self makes choices oYou make these choices based on goals you set for yourself or obligations that are set for you Self regulationoMaking choices and being an active agent oWe have contradictory goals but the self regulates our behavior as well as our emotions Young children are more likely to describe themselves using physical characteristics ex I have brown hair green eyes etcoAdolescents and adults are more likely to describe their psychological characteristicsSelfknowledge Selfknowledge comes from oSelfcomparison oFeedback from others Self as a blank slate
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