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PSYC 2310
Saba Safdar

Sept 19 Attitudes Attitudes toward exotic food oWho will eat oHow much There is a difference between what you say and what you do The dilemma for researchers is then how can we understand peoples behavior based on their attitude thenAttitudes are evaluations of ourselves of other people and issues with some degree of favor and disfavor oEx Your selfesteem is your attitude towards yourself Bases of Attitudes The three bases of attitudes are the ABCs of attitude oAffect Emotions or feelings stimulated by the object of an attitude gut feeling not rational not governed by logic Attitudes shaped by affect are stronger than the cognitive aspect if you have a gut feeling for something that you could overshadow the cognitive aspect oBehavioral Intention Predisposition to a certain way selfperception what you say you are going to do oCognition beliefs or ideas people have about the object of an attitude weighting the pulsesminuses for making a logical decision Theoretical views of Attitudes Tricomponent theory RosenberyHovland oAn attitude is a single entity that has three components affect behavioral intentioncognition all interrcorrelated oWe dont believe in this because of the lack of consistency between our attitudes and our actual behavior Separate entities view of attitude oAffects behavioral intentioncognitive are each separate entities that may or may not be intercorrelated Measuring Affective Components of AttitudesDescribe your feelings toward snakes oBw hateful or loveDescribe the traits and or characteristics of your vacuum oBetween useless unsafe and worthless or useful safe and valuable Attitude Strength Major determinants of attitude strength
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