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PSYC 2310
Saba Safdar

AttitudesAttribution Across CulturesMaking Attributions in Intercultural InteractionsTypes of explanations how we explain behavioroAbilityInternal attribution something that is within your control oTask Difficulty ie I did well on the exam because it was easy an external attribution something that you don not have control overoEffort ie I didnt do well because I didnt study can be external and internal depending on the task oLuck External and situational Cultures tend to use different explanations for success and failure Isomorphic attribution Triandis oThere is no successful communication when your attribution of somebody is inconsistent with another persons attribution of the same persona breakdown in a style of attributionoIsomorphic attributionWhen there is not a breakdown in a style of attribution oIn crosscultural communications there are many opportunities to make incorrect attributions Culture Style of Attribution In individualist cultures people tend to focus on the individual as determine the behavior oPeople attribute success to ability and failure to external factors In collectivist cultures people tend to give greater emphasis to external causes of individual behavior oPeople attribute success to the help of others and failure to the lack of effortFundamental Attribution Error Is it possible that the fundamental attribution error is a uniquely western phenomenon Miller oParticipants American and Asian Indians of varying agesoThey had to describe the cause of actions they had observed in their lives oAt age 8 we find there is no significant difference in terms of internal attributionsBUT as people get older Americans tend to make more internal attributions while Indians make more external attributions oSuggests that these attributions occur as a result of learning MasudaNisbetts Study oThe fish experimentoResults Both American and Japanese college students recalled details about the focal fish to a nearly equal extent
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