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Cultural Context of Persuasion: Communication & Commercialism.docx

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PSYC 2310
Saba Safdar

Cultural Context of Persuasion CommunicationCommercialism The ability to communicate is key to persuasion Stages of Competence Effective communicationoIsomorphic attributionthere is no misunderstanding more than one person makes the same attribution Four Stages of CompetenceoUnconscious incompetence you do not realize that what you are saying or interpreting is not what it was intended to you do not consider alternative explanationsoConscious incompetence you realize the norms of a culture are different you do not align yourself with the norms being practiced in that culture ie you dont understand why a certain sexual behavior is a normal sexual activity in that culture ie bullfighting in Spain a person from NA would ask how they find this entertaining And why it isnt considered animal abuseoConscious Competenceyou do understand the differences that these people behave differently and have norms that are different you consciously try to adopt these norms ie Obamas adoption of the Chinese way of greeting others
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