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PSYC 2310
Saba Safdar

Crowd Behavior The History of CrowdGustav Le Bon 1896 oObserved crowds and riots occurring in the streets of Paris oSuggested that in crowds people submerge in a very primitive mind Stripped from becoming a civilized individual oDismissive attitude toward the notion of crowdoThree characteristics of crowd AnonymityPeople in crowds are anonymous they are not known to each other everybody is a stranger everybody is the sameSuggestibility Similar to being under a hypnotic state they develop the group mindContagion What is happening in crowds is contagious pattern of thinking and behavior spreadsoPeople in crowds engage in bad behavior oDescribed crowd as source of power oIf you want to spread an idea to a crowd have a simple message and repeat it over and over again and eventually it mobilizes the group It doesnt have to be rational or logicaloA collectivist perspective toward crowds There is something more to the crowd than the individual of the group Alternative ViewAllport was highly critical of Le Bon and argued oThe individual in the crowd behaves just as he would behave alone only more sooAn individualist perspective toward crowdoHowever both rejected the notion of crowd they saw it as a negative thing Allport argued that it is the bad people who join the crowdoIn crowd people reveal their true nature if you have an aggressive tendency you are more likely to join the crowd People in GroupSocial facilitation oCrowd facilitates certain behavioroNorman Trippet studied social facilitationSocial Loafing oDiminishment of personal responsibility oMore likely to happen in a group setting Deindividuation refers to loss of sense of individual responsibility and reduction of social inhibition due to joining a group oZimbardos Prison Study Psychology of Imprisonment how the power of the situation social role rules physical environment uniforms NOT
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