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PSYC 2310
Saba Safdar

Aggression DefinitionAggression is any form of behavior directed toward the goal of harming or injuring another living being who is motivated to avoid such treatment oIt is what you intend to do what matters NOT what you are doing oIf the victim is not motivated to avoid harm then it is not considered aggression eg sadism oIs a true social concepttwo groups engage in itThe aggressor and the victim Nature vs Nurture Aggression is in our nature Aggression is in our nurture social learning Modern social psychologists are that it is a false debatethey believe that it is a combination of the both an interaction of personality and situational variables Aggression is Inborn Instinct theories oIt is a tendency not something that is learned oAggressive is instinct McDougallhuman beings have 18 instincts and each of these instincts are driving factors motivations to engage in aggression problemdoesnt say what instinct is oDeath instinct ThanatosReduced instinct to 18 to 2 we have the death instincta drive that wants to bring an organism to nothing to destroy them the drive is not focused on the self it attacks the other AND the love instinctprocreation oHydraulic theory Freudthese instincts need to be expressed unexpressed emotions build up pressure which must be expressed to relieve that pressure eg container it is healthy to express our aggression otherwise we suffer from psychological disorders Studies on Aggression Observation of and experimentation with species other than humans Zing Yang Kuos experiment raising a kitten in the same cage with a rat oFindings the kitten did not chase the rat the kitten expanded this to unfamiliar rats it is not inborn problemhe provided a situation where an inborn tendency can be influenced it doesnt address the genetic aspect Eibl Eibesfeldts experiment Raising rats in isolation not seeing any aggressive behavior and then adding another rat to the cage oFindings the rat reacts with aggression this does not mean that aggression is inborn rather is occurs when their environment is invaded Konard Leorenz observation of behaviors of cichlids highly aggressive fish oProved that instinct influences aggression
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