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PSYC 2310
Saba Safdar

AttractionIntimacy Researchers are less likely to look at love from a scientific perspectiveoFunding is an issueLove is not a priority to the Canadian government Researchers typically study what happens in the absence of love Facts About Attraction Physical proximity plays a large role in attraction and relationship formation We like those who are physically attractive We like others who are similar to us eg demographic characteristics education status belief in or lack of religion attitudesThese three facts tend to apply consistently Classical Conditioning UCS eg food leads to an UCR eg salivation oCS nothingoPaired a CSUCS eg ringing of the bell before offering foodUCR oCSUCSUCR oCS USCUCR oCSCR A nice meal leads to pleasant feelings oRonaldo needs to be there every time you are experiencing this nice meal oIf this pairing is done over repeated time then you do not need the nice meal to experience pleasant feelings his presence elicits those feelings Under certain circumstance when you feel good you have to pair something or someone to those particular feelings oApplies to infantsMothers are associated with breast feeding and food is associated with pleasant feelings Empirical Evidence oGriffitt oParticipants were divided into two groups one group sat in a room with normal temperatures while others sat in a hot and humid room eg an unpleasant condition Some had to read about another individual who were similar to them while others had to read about another individual who were dissimilar they had to rate those individuals they read about Not only do we like people we are similar to but we like them even more when we are sitting in a pleasant room condition and we dislike them even more when sitting in a uncomfortable room condition they are associating the positive feelings of being the room with the person they were rating ConditioningAttractionReinforcement theorists and the three facts regarding attraction oProximity increases the chances of classical conditions
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