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PSYC 2310
Anneke Olthof

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Experimental ResearchActually manipulate somethingExamplelistening to music while studying improves students test scores students would study 20 words given 2 minutes 1 group with music and headphones another group with headphones and no musicThey would then be showed a 5 minute distractor filmThey would then be asked to remember and write down how many words they remember independent variablelistening to music or not dependent variable test scores experimental grouppeople listening to music control groupones who arent listening to musicThe only thing thats different between the 2 groups is the independent variable cause effect solutionsExtraneous variable2 groups but all the smart people are in 1 and all the stupid are in the other therefore the groups are not equalTry to create twin pairs within the groupsget the people to take testsRandom sampling picking people at random from the populationRandom assignment randomly assign them to a groupRandom sampling
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