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social psychology

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PSYC 2310
Saba Safdar

January 172012 Social Psychology Self and CultureIntroduction What we consider logical and rational depends on where we are There is no such thing as absolute rationality Nationalities constrain rationality The way we think is shaped by the culture and society we have been born intoCulture culture comprises 1 the humanmade part of the environment and 2 the social institutions of the society such as norms rules and lawso Our communities our cities the way we do things values systemso Where is culture yEverywhere We can physically see it and it is in the heads of its membersy It is a collection of individuals that represent the cultureCulture Imposes a Set of Valueso Shapes our experiences the way we think and the way we behaveo in some cultures I would be considered normalo Ecology shapes culture ecologyculturesocial behaviorSameness vs Dif
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