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Saba Safdar

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Feb 162012Cultural Context of Persuasion CommunicationCommercialismStages of CompetenceEffective communication o Isomorphic attribution Triandis 1977understand what a person is saying as they want it to be understoodFour Stages of competence Howell 1982 o Unconscious incompetence dont realize youre misunderstanding some one o Conscious incompetence know youre misunderstanding some one but dont have the frame of reference to interpret them in a different way o Conscious competence understanding expected behaviour and modifying your bejaviour accordinglyoften with other culturesIe realizing in Japan a different greeting is necessary bowingNot shaking handstouching a Muslim woman o Unconscious competence performing certain appropriate actions without thinking about itusually happens within your cultureSourceStructure of Message Best source of messageIndividualist credible expert and a winnerCollectivistic older malesfamous fam
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