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University of Guelph
PSYC 2310
Anneke Olthof

PSYCH 1200Chapter 9 37698 Intelligencea conceptconstruct that refers to the ability to acquire knowledge to thinkreason effectivelyto deal adaptively wenvironmentBinetconcerned wfinding means to identify mental defective children Standardized interviewadult examiner posed a series of questions to a child to determine whether the child was performing at the correct mental level for his or her age Mental ageIntelligence quotient IQ Sternoriginally based on ratio of mental age to chronological age IQMental chronological age x 100 Deviation IQrepresents how much standardized distancedeviation a score is abovebelow the mean for the particular sample Achievement testdesigned to find out how much one has learnedAptitude testgoes beyond prior learningthought to measure applicants potential for future learningperformancePsychological testmethod for measuring individual differences related to some psychological concept or construct based on sample of relevant behaviour in scientifically designedcontrolled situationReliabilityconsistency of measurement Testretest reliabilitytype of measurement consistency assessed by administering the measure to same group of participants on 2 separate occasionscorrelating the 2 sets of scoresInternal consistencyhas to do wconsistency of measurement win the test itselfInterjudge reliabilityconsistency of measurement when different ppl score the same testValidityhow well a test actually measures what it is designed to measure Constructperfect construct validityindividual differences in IQs due to differences in only intelligenceContentwhether items on a test measure all the knowledge or skills assumed to compromise the construct of interestPredictivehow hig
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