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PSYC 2310
Anneke Olthof

PSYCH 1200CH 12 PersonalityFreud Personality traitsconsistent greater wadulthood behaviour over timeacross different situations o Characterize individuals customary ways of responding to their world Personalitydistinctiverelatively enduring ways of thinking feelingsacting that characterize a persons responses to life situations 1 Components of identity that distinguish individual from other ppl 2 Behaviours viewed as being caused primarily by internal rather than environmental factors3 Behaviours seem to fit together meaningfully inner personality guidesdirects behaviourGuided by psychodynamic humanistic biological behavioural cognitivesociocultural perspectives provide conceptions of what personality ishow it functions Theory1 provides a comprehensive framework win which known facts can be incorporated 2 allows us to predict future events wsome precision3 stimulates the discovery of new knowledge Psychodynamic theoristslook for causes of behaviour in a dynamic interplay of inner forces that often conflict wone another focus on unconscious determinants of behaviour Conversion Hysteriaphysical symptoms ie paralysis blindness etc appear suddenly wno apparent physical causeFreudrelated to repressed painful memoriesfeelings made patients reexperience traumatic memoriesfeelings usually sexualaggressive unconscious mind exerts great influence on behaviour Psychoanalysistheory of personality approach to studying the mindmethod for treating psychological disorders o Personalityenergy system Psychic energypowers the mindconstantly presses for direct or indirect release ex Buildup of energy from sexual drives direct sexual interaction indirect sexual fantasies Consciousmental events that we are presently aware ofPreconsciousmemories thoughts feelingsimages that we are unawarenot thinking of at the time Unconsciouswishes feelingsimpulses that lie beyond our awareness ie dreams Freudian slips Idunconscious mind deepest principal of personality only structure at birthsource of all psychic energy no direct contact wrealityfunctions in a totally rational manner repressed wishesconflicts Pleasure principleseeks immediate gratificationrelease Egoprimarily consciousReality principletests reality to decide whenunder what conditions the id can safely satisfy its needs Executive of the personalitycompromise between demands of id constraints of superegodemands of reality Superegodeveloped by 4 or 5 moral source for valuesideals of society internalized through identification wparentstraining of rightwrong o Selfcontrol control over instincts of id moralistic goals over realistic ones regardless potential cost Defence mechanismunconscious denydistort reality due to ego confronting threatening impulses anxiety realistic strategies ineffective in reducingo Reliance on defence mechanisms denialdistortion of realityprimary cause of maladaptive or dysfunctional behaviour RepressionFreud ego uses some energy to prevent anxietyarouses memories feelingsimpulses from entering consciousness may be released indirectlySublimationrepressed impulse released in form of socially acceptableadmired behaviour Denialrefuse to acknowledge anxietyarousing aspects Displacementunacceptabledangerous impulse repressed then directed at safer substitute Intellectualizationemotion connected wupsetting event represseddealt was intellectually interesting eventProjectionunacceptable impulse repressed then projected onto other ppl Rationalizationperson constructs false but plausible explanationexcuse for anxietyaroused behaviourevent that has already occurred Reaction formationanxietyarousing impulse repressedits psychic energy finds release in exaggerated expression of opposite behaviour Erogenous zonespleasuresensitive areas of the body Freuds stages of psychosexual development Oral 02 EZ mouth weaning Anal 23 EZ anus toilet training Phallic 46 EZ genitals resolving Oedipus complex
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