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PSYC 2310
Anneke Olthof

Psych 1200Chapter 15 Stress isstressors are stimulus responseorganismenvironment interaction Stressoreliciting stimulipsychological or physical demands that endanger well being Greater imbalance between demandsresourcesmore stressful a situation Micro stressorsdaily hassles of everyday life Catastrophic eventunexpected wlarge groups of people Major negative eventseg victim of a crime or sexual abuseLife event scales developed to measure stress Stress Responserespond to situations as we perceive them Stages of initial response 1 appraisal of demands of the situation primary appraisal 2 appraises of resources available to cope wit secondary appraisal3 judgements of what consequences of the situation could be 4 appraisal of personal meaning what the outcome might imply about us General adaption syndrome Selyephysiological response pattern to strongprolonged stressors called3 PhasesAlarm reactionhelps body deal wsource of stress shift to sympathetic dominance causes increased arousal Resistancecauses adrenal glands to release epinephrine norepinephrinecortisol to maintain increased arousal Exhaustioncauses adrenal glands to lose ability to function normally Clearest among people who have experienced catastrophic life events Neuroticismheightened tendency to experience emotions to get them into stressful situations through maladaptive behaviour PostTraumatic Stress Disordercaused by exposure to traumatic life events Major groups of stresssevere anxiety physiological arousal stress responsedistresspainful uncontrollable reliving of events in flashbacks dreamsfantasiesemotional numbingavoidance of stimuli associated wthe traumaintense survivor guilt in instances where others were killed bu
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