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University of Guelph
PSYC 2310
Anneke Olthof

PSYCH 1200CH 16 Social thinkingsocial perceptionhow we think aboutperceive our social world Social influencehow other ppl influence our behaviour Social relationshow we behave toward other pplAttributionsjudgements about causes of our ownother ppls behaviouroutcomesAttempts to understand why ppl behave as they do involve either Heider Personal internal attributionsinfer that ppls behaviour caused by their characteristicsSituational External attributionsinfer that aspects of the situation cause a behaviour How we determine attribution Kelley consistency distinctivenessconsensus all highsituational attribution consistency high but other 2 factors lowpersonal attributionFundamental attribution errorunderestimate impact of the situationoverestimate role of personal factors when explaining other ppls behaviour how we perceive others behaviour rather than our own Selfserving biasmaking relatively more personal attributions for successesmore situation attributions for failures Link between holistic thinkingbeliefs about causality underlying psychological principle seem to account for infoseeking differences between cultures among individuals win each culture Primacy effectrefers to tendency to attach more importance to initial info that we learn about a person first impression Recency effectsgiving greater weight to the most recent info Schemasmental frameworks that help us organizeinterpret infoStereotypea generalized belief about a group or category of ppl represents powerful type of schemaSelffulfilling prophecyerroneous expectations lead to acting toward others in a way that brings about expected behaviours confirms original impressionAttitudepositive or negative evaluative reaction toward a stimulus ie person action object or concept o Allport attitudesocial psychologys most indispensable conceptWhy attitudebehaviour relationship strong in some casesweak in others o Attitudes influence behaviour more strongly when counteracting situational factors are weak o Attit
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