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PSYC 2310
Anneke Olthof

Psych 1200Ch 14Counselingclinical psychologiststypically hold a PhD know variety of psychotherapeutictechniquestraining in researchpsychological assessment techniquesPsychiatristsmedical doctors who specialize in psychotherapybiomedical treatments ie drug therapy Psychiatric social workers marriagefamily counselorsabuse counselors Difficulty evaluating psychotherapies because hard to standardize each case is different difficulty measuring effects of psychologyPsychodynamic approach focuses on internal conflictunconscious factors that underlie maladaptive behavior Insightconscious awareness of psychodynamics that underlie problemsFree association Freudclients recline on a couchreport verbally wo censorship any thoughts feelings or imagesPsychoanalysts believe dreams express impulses fantasieswishes kept in unconscious Resistancedefensive manoeuvres that hinderdelay process of therapy Transferenceclient responds irrationally to the analyst as if they were an important figure from the clients past Positive transferenceclient transfers feelings of intense affection dependency or live to the analystNegative transferenceirrational expressions of anger hatred or disappointment Interpretationany statement by therapist intended to provide the client winsight into hisher behaviour or dynamicsInterpersonal therapybrief psychodynamic therapy highly structuredseldom takes longer than 1520 session focuses on clients current interpersonal problemsHumanistic theorists view humans as capable of consciously controlling their actionstaking responsibility for their choicesbehaviourClientcentred therapy Rogerspersoncentred 3 important
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