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PSYC 2310
Saba Safdar

SOC 2310Social PsychologyLecture 1 January 10 12 Introduction Man is by nature a social animal Aristotle Interested in making connections peoples behavior and interpret other peoples explanations Social psychology is the study social intereststhinkingsocial influence how others affect your behaviorsocial relatedness social connections intimacy attachment etc What is social psychology The scientific study of the way in which a persons thoughts feelings and behaviors are influences by the real or imagined presence of other people Allport 1985Social psychology examines wide ranges of attitudes in general Real or imagined presenceyour imagination has influence on your thoughtsWhat is science A field must adopt a set of values and methods to be considered a scientific field Three values areAccuracyObjectivitySkepticismScientific method is systematic observation description and measurementPractice Quiz Social psychology differs from philosophy because it is empirical History of Social Psychology thThe scientific study of social psychology developed at the end of the 19 centuryNormal Triplett was one of the pioneersFloyd Allport wrote an important book on interaction of individuals in their social contextsWorld War II increased research in social psychologyIt increased because of the obedience in a group that had such influence over a number of people HowWhy did genocide happenSome major contributors to social psychology 19301960Gordon Allport prejudicediscrimination establishment of the society for the psychological study of social issues SPSSIMuzafer Sherif experimental research on social influenceKurt Lewin action researchSolomon Asch conformity Asch experimentLeon Festinger cognitive dissonanceLecture 3January 17 12 Self and CultureCommon sense theres nothing common about it It is common in this certain contextDepending on your nationality each approach to life is different Theres no such thing as absolute rationality Your nationality constrains your rationality Your life is shaped by the culture you live in the society that surrounds you You dont realize how Canadian you are until you leave your country ie a fish who does not leave the waterDefinition of Culture Culture comprises of the humanmade part of the environment and the social institutions of the society such as norms rules and laws Herskovits 1955 The way we do this the social aspect Our social system is an aspect to our culture Where is cultureIt is everywhere It is the physical part of it houses buildings etcOur rationality from culture is in our mindIt is collective this person embodies this particular cultureCulture imposes a set of valuesCulture shapes our experiencesIn some cultures I would be considered normalBumper Sticker Tulsa Oklahoma 2006 Ecology shapes culturesThe environment you live in temperature shapes the way you survive shapes your culture culture shapes your attitudes and behavior social behavior Ecologyculturesocial behavior People adapt to those valuesSameness vs Differences There are universal behaviors and experiences Human behavior is the same everywhere laughing friendship competitions violence conformity etcHuman behavior is different what time you eat dinner at religions etcThere are cultural differences in practicing social behaviorsinterpreting experiences One fifth of the populations in Japan take their religion seriously In New Guinea men are considered abnormal if they do not have a sexual relation with another man before they become heterosexual In Cameron South Africa once a father dies his son inherits not only his properties but also his many ways and must mate with those who are still able to bear childrenWorld Gallup Survey 1997 Do you think it is wrong for unmarried couples to bear children India Singapore Taiwan have the highest that said yes Iceland Germany Britain and Canada have less said yes Who am I Questionnaire Who am I 21 Questions SelfInterdependent Selfsocial identity define their group I am French Im Buddhist etc Independent Selfpersonal affiliations I like dogs Im a dreamer I play guitar etc Self Starting with AnecdotesIn America The squeaky wheel gets the greaseIn Japan The nail that stands out gets pounded down One valuing the difference and the other emphasizing fitting inThe Independent vs Interdependent Self I Self is autonomous vs self is connected with others I Self behaves primarily as a consequence of internal attributes vs behavior of interdependent self is contingent on what the actor perceives to be the thoughts feelings and actions of othersJapanese are most fully human in presence of othersThe independent selfgives rise to selfactualization vs the interdependent self gives rise to fulfilling and creating obligation Everyone tries to reach their potential and find out who they areThree Aspects of Self Triandis 1989 distinguished between three aspects of self1Privatewhat you know about yourself2Public how other people understand and define you3CollectiveIdentity with a group ethnicity and how committed you are Cultures vary in the emphasis they place on these aspects of the selfIndividualism vs Collectivism Individualism and collectivism are two contrasting cultural orientations Hofstede 2001 Individualists tend to describe themselves in terms of internal characteristics which make them unique Your identity is based on your individual characteristicCollectivists are more likely to think of themselves in terms on their affiliation with other peopleUS is the most individualistic society in the world The second is Australia third UK Canada Fourth Netherlands and HungaryCollectivistic society South America Guatemala Panama Venezuela Ecuador
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