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Social Psyc Intergroup Relations

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PSYC 2310
Saba Safdar

Intergroup Relations Altruistic Helping - According to empathy-altruism hypothesis people are not primarily selfish, at least not always - Is it altruism? 1. Mary, an attorney, stops to aid the victim of an automobile accident – No 2. Simon attempts to save his three-year-old from drowning – No, pro-social 3. Bob, a university student, spends three hours per week as a Big Brother to an 8 year old whose father died – Maybe, could also be egoistic pro-social 4. Jill, a university student, gives a pint of blood in exchange for $7.50 – No 5. Believing that those who give shall receive great blessing in return, Ali contributes their families monthly paycheck to their church fund drive – No 6. Newsha anonymously donates $500 to a local charity 7. Esmeralda agrees to donate her eyes for transplant in the event of her death – egoistic Helping Strangers - Cross cultural differences in helping strangers (Levine, Norenzayan, and Philbrick, 2001) - Large cities in 23 countries - Three conditions of helping were: - dropped pen - hurt leg - helping a blind person across the street Definition of intergroup behaviour - Whenever individuals belonging to one group interact, collectively or individually, with another group or its members in terms of their group identification, we have an instance of intergroup behaviour - Dyadic level – individual level, aware you don’t belong to the same group - Intergroup level Social Cognition: Categorization - Categorization is one of the fundamental cognitive processes in humans - Categorization is the lumping together of objects and events into meaningful groupings - Why do we categorize? - To reduce complexity of the world
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