PSYC 2310 Lecture Notes - Tibetan Buddhism, List Of Countries By Intentional Homicide Rate, Jackson Katz

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14 Nov 2012
Social Psyc Lec 10
Violence in a Cultural Context
- Japan, China, Canada = low in violence
- El Salvador, Swaziland, Cambodia = high in violence
Frequency of violence
- Statistics on murder rates according to Interpol (International Police agency for years 1999-2001):
- Norway .9 per 100,000
- Canada 1.8 per 100,000
- USA 5.6 per 100,000
- Russia 22.0 per 100,000
- South Africa 55.9 per 100,000
- New Guinea 683 per 100,000
Types of Violence
- Types of violence differ across culture:
- USA: gun related violence and it tends to involve individuals rather than groups
- Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, and parts of South America: groups attack in political,
ethical, tribal conflict form
- Europe: violent mobs during football
- A phenomenon referred to as football hooliganism
Nonviolent Societies
- Balinese (Indonesian island of Bali)
- peacefulness & friendliness highly valued
- Inuit (Arctic regions)
- peaceful, anger perceived to be very negative
- Tibetan Buddhist society in northern India
- Zapotec (Native American society in Southern Mexico)
Ecology & Aggressive Behaviour
- Truks live in Pacific island
- Men are violent, compete with one another in physical contests, and are protective of women
- fish in the open sea
- Tahitians live in Pacific island
- Men are peaceful and cooperative and don’t overprotect their women
- fish in lagoons
Subjective Cultures
- Simbu of New Guinea (Brown, 1986)
- Positive attitudes about aggression
- High status is associated with being male, violent, competitive and loyal to the men’s group
- Semai in Malaysia (Robarchek, 1986)
- Negative attitudes toward aggression
- Nurturance is valued and being alone is dangerous
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