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Cultural Context of Persuasion: Communication and Commercialism th October 16 , 2012 Stages of Competence  Effective communication o Isomorphic attribution  No miscommunication  Four stages of competence o Unconscious incompetence  Don’t even realize your behaviour is receive differently, could be offensive o Conscious incompetence  Eg, bullfighting o Conscious competence o Unconscious competence  You don’t need to think about what you’re doing in your culture anymore Source and Structure of Message  Best sources of message o Individualist: credible, expert, and winner o Collectivistic: older males and famous females are persuasive, and families that are well known  Structure of message o Individualist: linear, conclusion is supported through inductive or deductive reasoning o Collectivist: beating around the bush  Tone, how you say it, facial expression, posture Paralinguistic Communication  Eye contact – you expect people to look at you or they are shifty and not trusted in our culture o Watson’s study  High level of eye contact: Arabs, Latin American, southern European  Low level: Asians, Indians, northern Europe  Touching o You do not touch a child’s head in some cultures o Parts of body being touched it culturally determined o Comparison of American and Japanese  Japanese touch their mothers more than fathers & same with American  Same sex friend, more touching in American  Opposite sex friend – lots more for Americans o Canadians suffer touch deficit syndrome  1/3 of us do not touch another person in a whole day  25% of us do not touch another person for 1 or 2 days  15% don’t touch someone for 3 or more days Culture Differences in Touching  Comparison of touchin
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