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PSYC 2310
Saba Safdar

Obedience/Conformity across Culture October 9, 2012 Asch Study Across Cultures  Versions of Asch’s experiment have been replicated in more than a dozen countries Conformity Studies  Individualistic cultures o % errors o British unemployed blacks 39% o US students 37% o Dutch students 24% o British students 17% o Belgian students 14%  Collectivistic cultures o Indian teaches in Fiji 58% o Japanese sports club members 51% o Labanese students 31% o Japanese students 25% o Kuwaiti Students 29%  Conformity tends to be higher in collectivistic cultures  Conformity tends to be higher in community sample than the students  Conformity tens to be higher in people who are higher in interdependent self, they identify highly with their group Conformity across Cultures  Hunting and gathering societies and upper social segments of industrial societies, are low in conformity  Agricultural societies and lower social segments of industrial societies are high in conformity Berry’s Study  Berry correlated the degree of independence with the samples position on an ecocultural dimension  He found a correlation of .70 between ecocultural dimension of self-reliance and independence or noncomformity Definition of Obedience  Obedience is conformity in response to the commands of an authority figure  An extreme form of conformity  Even if you are not told, but you are aware of the expectation of an authority figure, that is obedience Obedience to the Authority  Milgram’s experiments o Original experiment video  Shocks – read through page of words  Shocking a person they can’t see who doesn’t get the words right, every time they get it wrong the shock gets stronger.  They hear the “learner” scream and cringe in the pain o Basic Findings
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