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PSYC 2310
Saba Safdar

th October 11 2012 Persuasion across culture Method of Investigation  Controlled experiment o Advantage: provides context for addressing whether or not an effect is real and which theoretical account explains it o Disadvantage: eliminate other sources of influence  Participant observation o Researcher becomes an observer and participant of the situation and learn the dynamic of the setting  Sales people, lobbyist, politicians o Their livelihood depends on it Six Principles of Social Influence  Robert Cialdini found that the key to successful influence is what we do before attempting to influence o Was a sales man for 3 years  In order to persuade people, to sell an item 1. Reciprocation o Every culture, every community, understands reciprocation o If you help someone, you expect them to help you when you need help o People who do not return the favour, we do not like them, they are free loaders o Complying with a request of someone who has previously provided a favour o Study by Berry and Kanouse  Questionnaire with a cheque or questionnaire with the fact that you will get a cheque after  78% of the people who got the cheque right away did the questionair  66% of the cheque later group responded  Give them something in advance, and then they have to reciprocate  Door-in-the-face technique (or reciprocal concessions procedure o Study  Send Christmas card to random people across USA – would they reciprocate?  Majority of people responded back to a complete stranger o Companies send you self label stamps – asks for a donation  Would be wasted if you throw it away, but you feel bad that you don’t contribute, so you end up donating 2. Social validation o Want to make sure your beliefs are similar or shared by others o Complying with a request if it is consistent with what similar others are thinking or doing o Based on social comparison theory –Festinger o We follow the lead of many others and similar others o Study – milgram, bickman, berkowitz  Funny, jokes, laugh more with other people 3. Consistency o Commitment, committing to an action o After committing to a position, one is mor
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